Dear Beach Homeowners,

We are looking for more beach homeowners to join Waves of Grace, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides an all expenses paid beach vacation to cancer patients and their families. We have successfully partnered with five beach homes in St. George Island, Miramar Beach, Panama City Beach, Crystal Beach, and Seaside. We have provided over 22 families affected by cancer a beach vacation. We have more families booked and are communicating with several others. We are growing and couldn’t be happier! The feedback we’ve gotten from our recipients has been motivation for us to reach out for more donations, find new beach homeowners willing to share their beach home, and to spread the word about what our organization is doing for these families that need a break from cancer. We are bringing them to a beautiful place to not only rest and relax but to heal and renew their mind and body. We’re taking them away from doctors, hospitals, and treatment and bringing them to a quiet, peaceful place to meet Jesus, to feel His presence, and to restore hope that often gets lost in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. We take care of travel (gas or flights), rental car if needed, food, entertainment funds, professional beach photos if they choose, and anything else they may need medically while on vacation.

You may donate one week out of the year or twenty! It’s completely up you! We do not have a contract with our homeowners. We simply contact them, check their availability, and book a family’s vacation. Our recipients sign a waiver for Waves of Grace and a property agreement with our beach homeowners. This agreement provides property rules and details, community rules, arrival/departure specifics, etc. The cleaning fee is covered by Waves of Grace. We try to make it as stress free as possible for the family traveling and the beach homeowner (we will even arrange key pick up/drop off). If you have any questions, our beach homeowners can tell you about their experience working with our organization.

We love what The Lord is doing through Waves of Grace. I saw first hand how cancer affects the entire family. I saw what the beach did to my mother’s spirits while fighting cancer. She said she felt the closest to God at the beach. We’ve seen the impact it’s had on our nominated families and know there are so many other families who could benefit from a week of rest, relaxation, and Jesus! Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to donate time at your beach home or if you have any questions!

Grace, Peace, and Hope,

Jennifer & Mike Matwijec

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