with funds raised through grassroots support, we have sponsored 107+ families to a week of rest and renewal at the beach

  • On average, we have a waiting list of 5-10 beach trip recipients waiting for their trip to be funded.
  • Each beach trip costs an average of $5,000. Waves of Grace covers the cost of everything from travel to medical equipment rental to meals and entertainment.
  • Our desire is for the trip to be FULLY expense-free. The more funds we raise, the more recipients we are able to gift a trip to. We hope you will join us in our effort!

"Waves of Grace came to us at just the right time - God's timing. We were able to cast our cares in the ocean for a week and just cherish each other through fun and laughter. We will never forget the blessings they bestowed on us during a crucial time in our lives"

- The Chandlers

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To apply for a beach vacation, please fill out the form. At this time, we are asking that each applicant is a cancer patient currently undergoing treatment and lives in the southeast area. As we grow, we hope to expand across the country.

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